Friday, July 8, 2016

The beginning...

I have been trying to lose weight for some time. I start with great intentions, I keep going for 3 days to a week or two, then I feel low and end up binge eating. I did pretty well from November 2015 till about March 2016. I had lost weight and fit into my wedding dress with a little to spare. Then I gained it all back plus some. Needless to day, I ended up with a different dress last second. Although I ended up liking the new dress better.

Last year I joined a Facebook group run by a Beachbody coach by the name of Pam. A friend of mine invited me to join. You did not need to purchase anything, it was just a simple weight loss group. I really like Pam. She isn't pushy and she is always trying to motivate us.

1004 players!

Something clicked late last week. I weighed in at almost 280lbs. This is the second heaviest I have ever been, even when pregnant. The most I have weighed was a little over 300lbs. I do not want to be back there! Pam had a post about a new challenge. We were suppose to try a different workout/exercise every day for 5 days. I chose to embrace it. Actually I chose to overkill it. I joined a StepBet and a DietBet group. I also know that if I log/post everything, I tend to keep myself in check better. It also helps me remain motivated.

The StepBet works with my FitBit (Groupon. Refurbished for $35). It looks at what my average is for movement and then gives me an active goal and a stretch goal. The Dietbet is 4% loss in weight in one month. I CAN DO THIS!

I know my step goals are low. It just shows how inactive I have been. That's pretty sad when the program looks at your normal step count and gives you that as a goal. *sighs* I can do it though and I have been doing it!

Oh, yes, and we have new kittens. We have a 8 year old and a 9 year old cat. We decided to go ahead and add 2 more mouths to feed.

My poor couch. 6+ kids, 2 dogs, 2 kittens and 2 cats. This little man has his own story.

Yes, my feet are ugly. I like to walk around barefoot though. Not only do I need to watch out for little ones when I am working out, I need to watch out for these to little boys. Silly kittens like to sit on my mat.

Our other troublemaker.

My hot mess of a house! It happens fast with 6 kids and 1-2 bonus kids! Everyone is 9 and under. This is how most workouts start with Laurence. All the little girls (and a bonus kid when she is over) line up to start. They can stop at any time. Right now Laurence likes the Disco workout the best on Rockin' Body. He asks me every morning if we can work out.

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